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basic info

Your moderator/maintainer : _retro_lunchbox

If I approve your application, then you have access to the site and posting.

If you are interested in helping out with the site, please leave a comment here or at _retro_lunchbox

The basic application should contain answers to the following:

name [if you are irrationally, deathly afraid of mass murderers then you don't have to]:
user name:
musical interests:
[give examples of bands/people]
movie interests: [give titles of your favorite movies]
what band/person/fad/show you'd like to review:
any extreme dislikes you have:

That's pretty much it, but if you have any other feedback you'd like to give that's fine.
Oh and if you have more than 1 icon or picture, you need to post it behind a lj cut.

I don't really think anyone needs a reason as to why I'm putting these here.

go brandon.

los killers

what the kcuf, brandon?
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